Necessity to use Tile Balance Fixing

In former years, for balance tile after fixing, use plastic hammer and finally with balance tools, control two surface. Such a work should be considered as time consuming and number of faults since tile may remove in number of part because of having lack of uniformity of mixing in lower part or its broken. To solve problems, tile balancing tools invented.

Tile balancer is made of plastic with two main parts:
1-Balance Leven- Clips
2-Alinment wedge

Clips in time of fixing should remain in middle of tiles and lock with alignment wedge . Use such a tool result in surface balance of tile without use plastic hammer.

Method of use tile balancer
Balancer wall tile was design in different sizes according to tile thickness. After readiness beneath part and depicting fixing line, mix cement should be pour around and the first tile should be place having consider the lines. With regard to tile size, a number of clips in around tile should be place and then next tile fix in its place. Now use alignment wedge from clips hose in distance between two tile and lock it with special pliers. After drying mix cement under tile, damp clips by hammer to broken it. For tile with size 30×30 or less, a balancer should be used and for dimension in upper grade , distance 15 to 20 a new balance should be use.

You should notice to this point that clips is disposable, but alignment wedge may use several times.

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