4 points to be remember for selecting suitable tile and ceramic for bathroom and toilet.

1- In most bathroom and toilet, a number of type and design may use for better façade. We recommended that in your selection, only apply three tile models. Especially in small bathroom and toilet till with most variety can find better and beautiful design.
2– Use neutral color in service floor to better seen and to prevent scattering of concentration to around. It also use for beautification of tile design and color. In general, white ceiling or neutral also have the same effect.
3- Use tiles with common dimension as most as possible. If you use number of design and size of tile for bathroom and toilet, you should notice about same size of all tiles for better fixing and final beauty.
4- Don’t forget strapping. After completion fixing procedure, sure about strapping. If you use ceramic with black color, it is better for strapping with same color and if your ceramic color is white, use the same color for strapping.

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