Tile loosening is one of hazardous and annoying even specially in horizontal level that may happen in ancient constructed or new constructed homes. It may be due to mix cement spur in under beneath part of tile or showing non-adhesive sufficient mix cement with other materials.

Loosening tile may have the following results:

• Fading beauty of levels and its harmony
• Non safety and risk of fallen in horizontal level
• Make broken points owing to pressure in under beneath of tile

Different reasons are interfere in loosening tile that its knowing may prevent it.

Reasons of tile loosening

1-Dryness of mix cement in time fixing

This is most and common reason for loosening tile. In time of fixing, such a mix should be in wet status to find suitable adhesive. In case of having delay in tile fixing and during this period, cement mix is dry, it shortest possible time, it will be separate.

2- More walking on tile

For places with crowd walking specially for tile with large size, it is necessary to use high quality adhesive materials and in this regard, you can use tile glue to prevent for non -repair in several times.

3-No string attached

If string making performed in non-correct method, it will be caused for damaging under part and since it holds an important case for covering holes, it may damage part of tiles and penetrate water and washing means inside and step by step cause for decrease in adhesive.

4-Tap on new fix tile

After fixing tile, you can prevent to use it and minimum 24 hours should be considered. If you can-not do this, all mix cement or glue in lower part may be remove and cause for tile loosing.

5-Non-use of tile glue and suitable preserver

New tile generation, have low percentage of water absorption as caused for non fixing to cement mix. In this regard, you should use hard tile glue preserver to prevent peeling of tile.

6-Change in Temperature

Since rate of expansion and contracting due to change in temperature between tile and cement mix is not the same, it may separate easily in change weather.

7-Non sufficient thickness of cement mix

One of main reason of tile loosening is low thickness of mix cement and to prevent it and specially in pipe laying areas, a number of cement laying is necessary.

8-Non skull of tile fixer

As pointed before, tile loosening in most time may result of non-skilled fixing and a sufficient skilled person should inform the employer about the best materials and tools.

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