It is a new method for tile working on wall and its simplicity of work causes for its popularity . Tile glue is in two form of power( mix with water) and paste as are available in market.

Different stage for tile fixing with glue

1st stage :

Substructure- Consider the place for having no broken area and have balance surface. If your wall levels have ancient fix tile, it is better to use sport finding with cement mix. Necessary measuring should be made and if required, use alignment of level.

2 ndstage:

Readiness tile glue mixing
If you use paste tile glue for wall, there is no need for special readiness. But if you use powder glue, you should read it and study its method of preparation as inserted in box. Little by little added powder to water and mix it with mixer.

3 rd stage :

Distribute readymade mix on surface or tile
You can use brush trowel for wall or surface. After doing this, all tiles should be set from one side carefully and remain for 3 or 4 hours for fixing tile and glue on wall.

4 th stage :

In last stage after three or four hours for drying tile glue, now you should ready cement mix and pour in hole distance between tiles as soon as possible to prevent its harness and remove extra cement with damp towel.

Disadvantages of Tile fixing with glue

Fixing tile with glue in addition to advantages including simplicity of fix, high speed and suitable work performance, also have number of disadvantages as referred to its resistance. Glue have no resistance of different masonry mixing of materials. For environments with high dampness or install pool tile with glue, we should have no expect long term life of tile with high quality.


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