Knowing about cleaning slurry of cement is one of important and necessary note for each housekeeping. With washing bathroom and toilet, surface on the tile will be cleaned but its mass it not fade. In this article, we want to refer two simple method for cleaning slurry cement in the shortest possible time.

• Washing in daytime

Keeping and maintenance of tile and ceramic is very simple if you can clean it in due time and prevent to collect mass and stain and slurry of cement can prevent to absorb it. Most people recommended that tile and ceramic should be cleaned with water and sponge every week.

• Cleaning slurry cement with white vinegar and baked soda

Firstly, you should make a mix white vinegar and baked soda. One module white vinegar and a little baked soda mixed with 4 liter water and before use the solution, clean carefully all surface and pour mix on surface. Now, brush it with used toothbrush all mass on slurry cement. Finally, wash it with water and soap to separate mass from tile and slurry cement.


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