Selection Tile for Kitchen

Main points in selection tile for kitchen Kitchen is a part of home that we can use different color and models of tile to have a beautiful kitchen. Thus, for selection of tile in kitchen, you should make the best to fix the tile in upper level of oven or between cabinets? Which part of […]

Method of Use Tile with Glue

It is a new method for tile working on wall and its simplicity of work causes for its popularity . Tile glue is in two form of power( mix with water) and paste as are available in market. Different stage for tile fixing with glue 1st stage : Substructure- Consider the place for having no […]

Reason of tile loosening

Tile loosening is one of hazardous and annoying even specially in horizontal level that may happen in ancient constructed or new constructed homes. It may be due to mix cement spur in under beneath part of tile or showing non-adhesive sufficient mix cement with other materials. Loosening tile may have the following results: • Fading […]

Use of Tile Balance Fixing

Necessity to use Tile Balance Fixing In former years, for balance tile after fixing, use plastic hammer and finally with balance tools, control two surface. Such a work should be considered as time consuming and number of faults since tile may remove in number of part because of having lack of uniformity of mixing in […]

Cleaning Plaster and Cement

Cleaning plaster and cement from new constructed home ceramic In new constructed home, generally a part of plaster and cement remain on tile and ceramic newly fixed. Cleaning such a construction waste materials is hard and time-consuming. Mixing hot water and soap is one of simple work to fade it. You should remember that can […]

Suitable Tile and Ceramic for Toilet Service and Bathroom

4 points to be remember for selecting suitable tile and ceramic for bathroom and toilet. 1- In most bathroom and toilet, a number of type and design may use for better façade. We recommended that in your selection, only apply three tile models. Especially in small bathroom and toilet till with most variety can find […]

Cleaning with simple homemade means

Knowing about cleaning slurry of cement is one of important and necessary note for each housekeeping. With washing bathroom and toilet, surface on the tile will be cleaned but its mass it not fade. In this article, we want to refer two simple method for cleaning slurry cement in the shortest possible time. • Washing […]