About us

Summary of Company Activity

Ceram Negar Company was founded in 1992 to supply decorate tile and 3rd baked in Kaveh Satellite Park in Saveh. Now, after number of successful experience, it is one of latest production 3rd baked in Iran. For future making of company and with regard to needs of market subject to wall till specialized product, necessary planning were made for staring production wall tile unit. In first stage in 2012, we have expect for annual 2 million square meter tile production, type: 2 baked and taken action for machinery and modern equipment from Italy. In 2017 with change in ownership and find new management system, we decide for increase production capacity and different variety of products to reach global standard. Such an important fact achieved in2019 with valuable experience and knowledge by engineers and specialist of company to reached our product to 4 million square meter.

Work Procedure in Ceram Negar Company

This company with regard to requirements of market and completion of products basket, befitted from up to date and modern technology for production of porcelain products and it will be achieved up to the end of 2022.